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2007 Books. #1: Finding Your Voice: How to Put Personality in Your Writing, by Les Edgerton

the first book i read this year turned out to be a winner! i was uncertain about it at first, because the early chapters seemed too elementary, but later chapters gave me ideas about what to work on. i'm not going to give a full review here, but i'll say that if you want to make your writing sound more like "you," - and of course you're interesting! - this book should be useful, and it's also fun to read.

my plan for this year is to decide, after reading each book, whether it's worth keeping or i should donate it to goodwill. books that are too boring to finish will be dismissed and donated, also. this one's a keeper. in addition to the writing advice, there's also a long list of writing books the author recommends, and that's important to me because, y'know, i lack reading material. ;)
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