Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

2007 Books #2, Survival, by Julie E. Czerneda

science fiction with biologically feasible aliens makes me happy, and Survival is the best example of it that i've seen in a long time. how so? i can't say, because that's a spoiler, but it's good, i tell you, good! it's also the first book in a series. i'm glad that i made the rule that i could buy a new book after reading three, because that means i can get the one that comes next in the series, once i've read only one more book out of the ones waiting on my bookshelf. :)

i tend to feel like i'm being lazy by mentioning a book here without writing a real review, but i don't really have time for that; my notes in here are to help me keep track of what i've read, but i will at least mention whether or not a book was worth my time, in case you want to look it up. this one was definitely worth it! i haven't decided whether to keep it permanently or not, but i think i'll keep it until i've read the others.

i have a minor battle going on in my mind about buying v. borrowing books. i don't like the idea of consuming like a crazy person, and i don't like killing trees, but i do think that authors should be paid well for their work and that books are things to cherish, both personally and as part of our civilization. what to do? i would be interested in supporting a *well-designed* electronic book device, if there's one available and there are e-books to buy and legally download for it, but i have to admit that i'm attached to the physical qualities of books made of paper, so i'm not sure if i would enjoy e-style reading as much. i don't know what's available, so step one would be to find out.
Tags: 2007 books, 35, clearing the queue, julie czerneda, science fiction

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