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2007 Books #3: It's Only Too Late if You Don't Start Now, by Barbara Sher

i'll read any book barbara sher writes; she has my lifetime guarantee on that. she's good at motivating me, and i get something new out of each book. this one had some spot-on, useful observations based on evolutionary psychology and the reasons people behave the way they do at various stages in life. those were mixed in with some stuff that i don't buy at all, about the "inner child" way of looking at psychology - the way everything we do is supposedly colored by the tragedy of losing our parents' full and undivided attention after infancy, and how their choices interfered with our ability to become ourselves, and how the inner child wants all that to be resolved. however, despite disagreeing with some of her assumptions, i still agree with most of her conclusions - especially the point of the book, which is that it's never too late to add more of what you want for yourself into your life. this one's a keeper.
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