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this was an interesting book! i bought it because i wanted to learn how to set more specific goals, and i got that. there are a lot of useful ideas for self-motivation, and for clearing out space to achieve new things - which i'm already doing, but it's nice to get some validation for that. :)

this also turned out to be the sort of book that promises that "the universe" will help you to get what you want once you state (or write) your intention clearly. i can buy the concept that a clear statement of intent helps, because once you know exactly what you're trying to do, you can recognize opportunities, and you can also articulate your plan to other people, who might have ideas for you as well. i don't agree with the thought that you can mystically attract things to yourself, but i think that the world is a marvelously varied place, full of opportunities, ideas, and interactions that can make it *seem* like Things Are Happening on a more spiritual level, even when a person is simply noticing helpful things due to a clarity of purpose.

i think that feng shui is similar. screw chi - if i paint a wall a certain color because i want to attract a certain thing, every time i see that wall i will remember that i want that thing, whether it's love, money, or a psychedelic VW bus complete with a magic mushroom garden in the back, and i will find it easier to take steps to get that thing. this is not magic. it's common sense.


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