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cereal benefits for health & weight loss

i'm still working on this post-baby weight loss thing. i got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight briefly (which is to say, still 15 pounds higher than what i'd consider my *normal* weight), but now i've regained two pounds and stuck there. :P it seems that i need to try new things, so i'll be posting about whatever i learn along the way.

one thing that i like about reading Shape magazine is that there are useful articles about nutrition mixed in with the sections on daunting-looking workouts. while finishing the march issue today, i learned that some kinds of cereal are especially good for both health and weight loss, so i thought i'd pass on the news.

- for women, eating 8 grams of cereal fiber a day reduces the risk of heart disease by a third, compared to those who only get 2 grams per day.

- a study found that "...women who increased their intake of cereal as part of a weight-loss program shed nearly two more pounds over six weeks than those who upped their vegetable consumption instead."

- the best cereals have at least 3 grams of fiber, and no more than 10 grams of sugar, per serving. (btw, since i always put sugar on cereal, i checked the label and found out that one teaspoon of granulated sugar has 15 calories and 4 grams of sugars).

- the best kinds of cereal (as listed in the article) are: barbara's shredded spoonfuls; post grape-nuts; cheerios; post spoon size shredded wheat; kashi go lean; quaker oatmeal squares; kellogg's complete oat bran flakes; wheat chex.
Tags: cereal, health, nutrition, weight loss

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