Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

2007 Books #12: Raising a Sensory Smart Child, by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske

this is a book about sensory integration dysfunction (SID). very basically, a person with SID experiences sensory input differently than most people. they can be hypersensitive to sensations, so that they avoid those, or *hypo*sensitive to sensations, so that they crave them. they can combine both of those things, or even switch back and forth between being hyper- and hyposensitive to the same sensations. this is because the brain is integrating sensations irregularly. by "sensations," i mean any of the five senses people usually learn about, as well as a couple of internal senses that have been defined but not widely discussed, proprioception and the vestibular sense. roughly, proprioception is the way the body senses itself; the vestibular sense is the way the body handles movement.

this book is a very well-written exploration of this topic, and the various ways that sensory integration dysfunction can manifest. it covers a range of intensity from being overly bothered by things like clothing tags, all the way to autism. i'd recommend it for anyone who has children, is about to have children, works with children, or wants to learn more about the variations in the way people's minds and bodies work.
Tags: 2007 books, sid

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