Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

follow-up to the feng shui thought: what i'm doing with my icons

looking over my collection of icons, it's obvious that most of them are vividly colorful, and many of them are cartoons of one style or another; the icons i like the most are the manga-style ones, especially the ones that i drew myself. some are derived from artwork i've done, either traditionally or digitally. there are some of celebrities, either just pictures of them or stills from movies that i like. there are quirky kid show icons, and sassy remark icons. i have some that express anger or drama, but i rarely use those, and i just removed a set of firefly-quote icons i'd found a while back, since it seemed like they didn't fit in with the look i'm going for - i still like the quotes, however, so i may create my own icons with those eventually.

what does all of that say about who i'm trying to be?

1. bright colors, cartoons: i like the intense, beyond-reality look of these, and that goes along with my quest to be extraordinary. most of them have fantasy characteristics; those fit in with my imagination and need for creativity. they also just make my eyes happy, and often suit my current moods as well as my aspirations.

2. my artwork: reminds me of what i can do, what i like, and what i want to accomplish.

3. celebrities: more of the same - admiration for people who are striking in various ways, usually in looks, personality, *and* talent.

4. quirky shows, sassy remarks: keeping a sense of humor about life.

my name is a different spelling of "naiad," or "water sprite," and it incorporates many of the ideas above, as well as my love of water - watching it, swimming in it, drinking it!

i really believe that what i focus on is what i get. the more i learn about the plasticity of the human brain and our ability to literally reshape our minds by learning, through practice, the more i want to refine exactly what i'm focusing on and exactly what i'm asking for in my life.

what are you doing with your icons, username, etc.?

edited to add: i don't think everyone has to take their LJ stuff super-seriously! but i am curious about whether your icons and whatnot are supporting parts of your personality that you feel are stable things about you, or things that you're trying to create in yourself.
Tags: feng shui, icons, wisdom

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