Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

in case anyone is missing my book posts...

(or maybe wondering to what they owe this relaxing respite from my book posts?)...

i'll tell you that i'm still reading, but i've had some speedbumps. i picked up one book that i had thought would be a good novel - it was a sequel of a good novel! - but i couldn't get into it at all. i kept trying, but then somewhere around 50 pages into it, i decided to dismiss that one. then i picked up a child behavior book (watch for my post about the behavior issues we're working on, maybe), and it had some good advice, but wasn't really the sort of book that i'd read through from beginning to end.

finally, now, i'm reading a book that i really like, about writing fiction, but it's so good that i'll read a couple of pages and then get *ideas,* and then i have to run off and jot down the ideas so that i won't forget them, and more often than not i'll end up working on the short story i'm writing now. it may take me a while to get through the book, at this rate, but eventually, you will once again see my little happy mermaid icon that somehow goes with reading in *my* mind, and you'll know whether to read the post or skip it, depending on your preferences.
Tags: 2007 books

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