Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

determination meets creativity

now that felix is 9 months old, he's mobile like the energizer bunny. before this week's solution, it had gotten so that i couldn't put him down in my office for a few minutes without having to go pull him away from the paper recycling bin, which he believes is full of tasty snacks. inspiration struck the other day, when he started to pull the books off of the bottom two shelves of both of my bookcases. i have built an enormous playpen. i have built a wall of boxes.

the books were coming off of the shelves anyway, so i filled eight cardboard boxes with them, and arranged the boxes in a line across the office, forming a barrier between the mostly-babyproofed side, and the side i don't want to talk about. he can pull himself up and stand while holding the boxes, but can't pull them over on himself. he can't climb on top of them, either (yet! i expect to find him perched on one within six months, but i'll deal with it then). i can still use the top three shelves of each bookcase, and since they're anchored to the walls, i'm not worried about their top-heaviness.

i think this may demonstrate why i'm not currently as productive in my other types of creativity; redesigning my baby-proofing as the baby learns to thwart it is a rather time-consuming passtime. it keeps me sharp though, right? right???
Tags: baby, babyproofing, felix

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