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Observation as Interlude

(and reminder to self that I want to write about my last day at Wiscon before I forget everything)

Since Wiscon, I've been thinking about the huge difference in my experience of reading things written by people I haven't met, and people I have met. Even if I've seen someone only briefly in person, the effect of being able to imagine her in motion - especially if I've heard her voice - changes the way that I perceive her writing, so the posts of writers I saw at Wiscon now stand out much more for me than they did before I could picture them as real people. I love the way the brain works. Text seems different to me if I feel even a little bit familiar with the person who wrote it. I recommend going to cons. :)


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Jun. 2nd, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
I like to read author's biographies for a similar reason. It makes me feel like I understand where they're coming from in their books.

I've only done one con (the ConJose Worldcon some years back in San Jose) after years of discussing things with authors on the old Compuserve foruma and now on SFF.NET's forums.

The highlight of the Worldcon was meeting Joe and Gay Haldeman and Rusty Hevelin. Joe very kindly invited me along to a bar for a drink and we spent a goodly time talking about life and the universe before his agent came and they had to get back to business doings.

Always been tempted to go to WisCon as it's fairly close to Nebraska for a con and I know a few folks who go there. Glad you had a fun time.
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