Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

A peeve claws its way to the top of my list

I was reminded the other night that I absolutely cannot stand it when a woman says how much she prefers little boys to little girls, would much rather have a son than a daughter, or in any other way comments upon how much harder, more emotional, more unpleasant, and more undesirable girls are than boys. Really? You can stand there as a woman who was once a little girl, and devalue girls to another woman? Do you ever wonder why women are considered to be of lesser value than men in our culture? Maybe because so many women have internalized girl- and woman-hating values, and treat their own children accordingly? Just saying.

I love my boys. I would have loved to have had a girl. Girl-hating women piss me off.
Tags: feminism, girls, rants, women

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