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It seems that this is a whole summer about horror fiction for me, so when I saw How to Write Horror Fiction at the library, I acted as if I needed more books to read, and borrowed it. The book is only 122 pages long, before the appendix and index, and the reading went quickly. IMO, this book is a great one for beginning writers. It covers the basics of writing in brief sections, and although I had read a lot of the same type of material before, there was enough specifically horror-related advice that I felt satisfied with the new things the book brought to my attention. I'm new to the possibility of writing horror stories, since most of my ideas go toward fantasy and science fiction, but all of this grim material I'm absorbing has been bringing out some new story ideas that could turn into horror fiction. I'm more interested in the non-gory approach, and I'll see where that leads in the next few months.

For now, I'm working (not as consistently as I'd like) on a fantasy story about karma, with some dark elements, and it is kicking my ass way harder than the last story ever did.



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Aug. 7th, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)
library books
I acted as if I needed more books to read, and borrowed it.

I usually have anywhere from twenty to fifty books out from the library at a time. Some of them are thanks to holds I put on from the library system's monthly list of new books. (Oh, why am I trying to rationalize it? I'll stop now.) Anyway, if anyone ever questions why you're taking another book out of the library, tell them I said it was okay. I'm quite sure it's not possible to have too many books to read.
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