June 13th, 2007


I never believed that they were real.

The reports are scaring me. I believe it now. The good news is that we live out in the country, with hardly anyone around. The bad news is that our house is impossible to defend, all windows, with an almost-empty pantry because we haven't gone grocery shopping recently. With the panics and hoarding, I don't know how we'll scrape anything together. Having money doesn't help when flour can't be bought at any price. Not that we carry cash, anyway. Stupid, stupid!

The best thing would be to go even farther out. The gas tank is full, at least. We could head through some small towns where the outbreak hasn't been accepted as reality, clear out supplies in a few stores, hunker down somewhere we can seal up. Maybe start collecting guns, and digging a permanent shelter underground - the summer will be hot. We'll have to get some seeds and try to grow food for when the canned goods run out. Water, lots of bottled water. Anyone reading this should belive that this is real, and serious; there's no turning back, you have to accept that. Take measures to protect yourselves. Start a new life. Avoid the cemetaries. HIT THEM IN THE HEAD.

I have to go and pack now. Good luck to you all.