July 12th, 2007

calvin reality ruins

The personal has been consumed.

The time for me to write personal posts has been consumed, anyway. I can squeeze out a couple of hours to write things, most days, and between fiction and email, that time is overbooked and then some.

This will have to serve as an update on my life:

1. I still live in the wilds of Oregon, WI.

2. My three sons continue to grow as they should. Zane is 6, Innes will be 4 in August, and Felix is 1. (I know, nicolle, pictures are overdue!) Two of the three boys are way too sassy, and those would be the ones who are using words, but I'm told that the sass phase will begin to taper off when they're around 40.

3. I'm working on five "short" stories at the same time. The quote-unquoteness comes from the fact that I seem to have trouble with keeping the stories under 5,000 words, which I hear is not so good for the sales, so there will be editing in my future. The reason I'm thinking of myself as working on so many stories is that I'm alternating between writing new fiction and revising previous drafts of other fiction; having time off from a story seems to help me see what to do next, when I return to it. Two of the five are in pre-writing development, too. The ideas are flowing more quickly than the drafts, but I'm keeping notes. Writing every day is THE WAY. IMNSHO.

4. I joined a gym; it's all happening now. I've worked out three times this week, and I'm going again tomorrow morning. I think that the lingering post-baby weight will be leaving my premises much more quickly. Walks around the neighborhood were not doing the job.

5. My house is a full-on robo-mess, which I hope to purge of egregious contents as time permits.*

6. Um, why did I not know about Locus magazine until this week? Sweet Zombie Jesus. Is it possible to live under a rock without knowing it?

7. If I stick with my schedule, I'll be able to read my Braunbeck and Waggoner books before going to Context this fall, and maybe fit in a re-read of Stress of Her Regard, by Tim Powers.

8. Striving for a social life, too.

*"As time permits." Aren't I funny?