December 31st, 2007

hiro oh no

My writer friends may not understand, and I apologize in advance.

I'm going to do something radical in 2008.

This is my own fault.

This year I read a total of 42 books (report on the last one forthcoming), and I have nearly 200 unread books on my bookshelves, most of which are fiction, which means that I have over four years' worth of reading material, not including magazines! Therefore, in order to catch up, I hereby declare that I will buy no fiction (for myself) in 2008.* I will also buy no books about writing (for myself) in 2008. The only books I will buy for myself in 2008 will be non-fiction, and only ones I need for research purposes (after using the library first!).

Plus, I'm going to aim for reading at least 50 books, preferably more. I was close this year. I can do this.

Don't taunt me, I beseech you.

* existing pre-orders excluded.
ariel happy

2007 Books #42: Pen on Fire, by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

My year's reading ends with a writing book. I think that I've reached a certain level for this topic. Books about writing tempt me endlessly, but I've read so many that they're all starting to sound the same. I believe that this means I should stop reading books about writing and just write more, or at least rely more heavily on the great writing books for inspiration. I seem to always get something new out of reading a bit of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, for example. Pen on Fire is a fine book; I just got to it too late to find a new message in it. I'd recommend it enthusiastically for new or aspiring writers who want encouragement, but if you already have a shelf full of writing books, you probably don't need this one.