January 7th, 2008

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2008 Books #2: The Winds of Marble Arch, by Connie Willis

This hefty story collection is going onto my Recommended Reading List. The stories ranged from humor through darkness, and I'm going to say that although I like her Bellwether-style funnies, I love her more serious stuff.

I'm going to list the stories I particularly loved, because I can:

- "A Letter from the Clearys"
- "Fire Watch"
- "All My Darling Daughters"
- "Samaritan"
- "Cash Crop"
- "Jack"
- "Service for the Burial of the Dead"
- "Chance"

Those are the ones I'll plan to study, to see how they work, and I encourage everyone to read them!

What time is it? Meme time!

What character from Torchwood are you? (Detailed!!! And pics!!!)

You are:Gwen CooperCompassionate, feisty and a quick thinker. She is Torchwood's police liasion-- she was on the police force but in the first episode, Everything Changes, she meets Torchwood and digs into their institution after seeing them cover up a man's death. The Torchwood staff wipe her memory, but after she is shown to be clever enough to throw off the amnesia pill, and after one of their number kills herself, Gwen steps in as the "new kid" of Torchwood Three.Gwen is more compassionate than the others in Torchwood and her police past allows her to link mysteries together easily. Gwen is a straightforward person.
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