March 2nd, 2008

bangkok sunshine

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Two: 1,000 words

Total: 2,100 words

Current short story: 5,300 words. I have reached a turning point!

In other news: Felix has another of his periodic freaky eye infections, characterized by one of his eyes swelling shut, a trip to the doctor, and antibiotics. He's taking it well--isn't being terribly fussy--but he doesn't have much of an appetite.

I do still have two other children, btw. I just see a lot more of Felix, since he's home all day during the week, and they're not. Zane and Innes went out to breakfast with James this morning, then to a family playtime at a gymnastics place, while Felix and I were at the immediate care clinic with an extraordinary number of small, sick children all around us in the waiting room. If I get through the week without developing the Heaving Hacks of Doom Fever, I will count it as a triumph of my immune system.

I also read a bit of The Onion while I was out, and learned a few new idioms to inflict upon you all. My favorite is the phrase, "It was an absolute oyster carnival."

Oh, and a bonus piece of advice for those of you who are expecting twins? They will be actual individual people, you know, not a set of salt and pepper shakers. Therefore, making their names rhyme, like the set of twins I saw this morning, Jaden 'n' Kaden, is NOT COOL.
manga not bettie

Just *one* more art journal update...

...and then, I promise, no more Posty McPosterpants for today!

For those of you who have not friended my art journal (and seriously, if you have not, why not? Why would you deny yourself in this way?), I will generously and selflessly take the time out of my very busy schedule to offer you this link to my latest drawing. Enjoy it in good health!

No more spam until tomorrow. Really. Fer realz.