March 10th, 2008

felix sugar

Changes in my routine

It's my youngest child's first day of daycare. As my recent posts may have hinted, in a very very subtle way, he was beginning to find ways to alleviate boredom that were increasingly creative. I thought he would enjoy being around other children and other toys for part of each day, and I knew I would enjoy some quiet time to work, so a new era begins.

He settled right in when they gave him English muffins and apple pieces for breakfast. :)
Steampunk Nayad #1

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Ten: 1,100 words.

Total: 10,500 words.

Current short story ("The Restive Window"): 3,700 words. I am passionately in love with this story! And it's almost done. I think I'll finish the rough draft tomorrow.

In other news: Felix's first day at daycare was a success! He ate well, took a nap, and didn't fuss much at all. He hasn't been clingy since coming home, either. This may vary, but I'll take the good outcome for today. :)

While he was there, I came home and wrote 700 words, and was relaxed for the morning, and then I went out to lunch and read a book while eating tasty diner food. After lunch, I went across the street to my favorite coffee shop, where I chatted with my friend Kat and then wrote what turned out to be another 400 words. Then I went to the library for about 20 minutes, while waiting to pick Zane up, and we went over to get Felix after that.

And it was springlike outside! Glorious, I say--nothing short of glorious. :)

And I get to do more of it tomorrow! ::bounce::