March 12th, 2008

Steampunk Nayad #1


For those of you who love "Minah Minah" and l33t, both.

(My quibble--watch the credits to understand this remark--is that at least some of the glory and the honor should go to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.)
who? where? why?


I posted (or tried to post, actually) those two videos on two separate days within the last week, neither of which was today, and concluded that YouTube was broken when they didn't appear. So, no spam intended, internets! Send any sternly-worded remarks you were planning to YouTube, k?

giant in the window

(Lack of) Progress Report

I'm still at 11,900 words for my writing challenge, which is 100 words under my goal for day twelve, but that's non-tragic slippage. It took me most of today to get a story idea to a remotely useful stage of development. I can start the writing of it tomorrow.

In other news: My new giant staring eyeball icon kicks ass, and you know it. La!