March 18th, 2008

three-eyed alien

Progress report for two days

70 Days of Sweat, Days Seventeen and Eighteen: 1,800 words.

Total: 18,000 words.

Current short story (working title "The Treehouse"): 6,100 words.

In other news: I'm leaving for NorWesCon tomorrow night, and from tomorrow through Monday I'll be taking advantage of some of the built-in days off for this writing challenge. However, I plan to take along some stories to edit, and I may add to the current story while I'm there, too. Or not! I have reason to believe that I will be busy having a great time while I'm there. :)

I don't expect to blog much until Tuesday or Wednesday, if at all, so you may commence sobbing about how much you'll miss me* in: 3... 2... 1...


* Unless you're one of the people I will be seeing All! Weekend! Long! In which case, you may commence doing your favorite Dance of Joy.