April 4th, 2008

giant in the window

I don't care for this.

That virus the kids shared last weekend has invaded my systems and my tummy hurts. It may probably will be a Nayad-free OddCon this evening. Plan B involves a day pass for tomorrow.

Molly Ringwald pouty glare

Progress report: the infected edition

I was going to give myself a day off from writing due to ILLNESS, but after a nap this morning I felt sort of okay, so I went at the story for a while. It only tired me out a little bit, since I already had a scene list to guide me along.

And then I had another nap. I'm still tired, and still achy, and still staying home this evening, but improving.

70 Days of Sweat, Day Thirty-Five: 500 words.

Total: 29,100 words.

Current short story ("Healing Stone Springs"): 2,700 words.

In other news: ...