April 8th, 2008



I just read a post by The Angry Black Woman that a) made me sick, and b) prompted me to go, out of curiosity, to a white supremacist message board to see how bad it really was there.

It is horrible.

I don't know what went wrong with these people, but something has to be done to prevent it going wrong in any more people. This whole idea of a "race"--based on shallow exterior characteristics--being somehow inherently superior, is degrading to all people, especially the ones who hold that belief and act on it. I knew that their sickness was still out there, but looking right at it made me understand how much of that vile nastiness goes on every day, to the extent that people make the time to get online with their fellow mad freaks and discuss how best to make people see the importance of their *cause.*

I'm completely disgusted.
what do you see?

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Thirty-Nine: 1,200 words.

Total: 32,300 words.

Current short story ("Healing Stone Springs"): 5,900 words, and the draft is done. I can already think of some earlier scenes it will need, and I've written down the ideas, but the story is going into the queue of first drafts to rest, while I revise the ones that came before it and write more new ones.

In other news: I still haven't had a conversation with Helmut, although we've each left a message on the other's cell phone. Hearing a voice remembered from sixteen years earlier does interesting things to a brain... I immediately saw a series of scenes from my past, and even smelled the paint-and-charcoal scent of the art building where I first met him when I was a freshman in college, and I remembered people and parties that I hadn't thought about in a long time--not just the main friends we had in common, but the ones who only showed up once in a while. I wonder what will happen when we talk interactively.