April 14th, 2008

red fairy

Progress report for two days

70 Days of Sweat, Days Forty-Four and Forty-Five: 2,000 words.

Total: 38,400 words.

Current short story ("Cutter of Uruz"): 6,100 words.

In other news: I've been taking Zane to karate classes for the last few weeks. He was enthusiastic at first, but now, as we enter the last week of his trial class, he seems to have realized that signing up for another six months of two lessons a week (which is the way they do it at this place, no other options offered) will involve more work than he is prepared to commit to. In the meantime, I've developed more enthusiasm for karate than I ever expected I would, so sometime in the future I may sign up for it myself. Not now, though. I'm paying for a gym membership at a good gym for another year and a half, and if I'm going somewhere for exercise, it's going to be there.

I think that Zane may end up getting into karate again when he's a bit older. We may take him back into more gymnastics classes next.

Fitness report from yesterday:

- 10 min. warm-up
- 20 min. "strength" level 3 on elliptical
- 20 min. "strength" level 2
- 20 min. "weight loss" level 4
- 10 min. cool-down
Ariel peering fiercely

2008 Books #18: Beloved, by Toni Morrison

Damn. I had such a strong reaction to this book. Whenever I had some time over the weekend, I snatched it up, because the writing was so good, and I wanted to know what would happen. Morrison drags the reader into the story and never lets go. But the ending! It came so close to being perfect (according to MY needs), and then I was left frustrated with it. To be fair, it was probably Morrison's intention for the reader to be left with the horrible futility of it all, rather than the more hopeful ending I would have preferred. So the book is brilliant for what it does, and disappointing to me for what it doesn't do, and now I'm going to go and think about something else for a while.

(I definitely recommend reading it, though, because it's extremely well-written and you may love the ending. Many have.)
ariel dreamy

2008 Books #19: The Surgeon's Tale and Other Stories, by Cat Rambo & Jeff Vandermeer

This little collection is made of Win marinated in the finest Awesome and served with a side of Yog Sothoth.

(That's a riff on one of the stories. :)

The world of "The Surgeon's Tale," a collaboration between Rambo and Vandermeer, is fascinating. Magic that once worked has gradually lost its potency, and that fact causes things to go weirdly wrong for the protagonist (although his questionable choices help. A lot). That story and Rambo's "A Key Decides its Destiny" are my favorites of the collection, but all of the stories are good, and "The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe" gets points for being funny.

My only complaint is that I wished there were more stories in the book, but I have more from each of them sitting on my bookshelf, so I'm all set.