April 23rd, 2008

pattern #2

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

I'm going the poetry route with my free offering to celebrate the day. Here, have a sonnet!*


When back into my past, restored anew,
And waking in myself, returned to youth--
An unsought turn which I could not undo--
In hope of fixing errors all uncouth,
Without a backward glance I carried on,
Though back was forward on a different road,
And changed the fates wherever I had gone,
Where time and fortune's rivers never flowed.
My hubris smothered infants still unborn;
My pride turned happy memories to stone--
I never should have wakened on that morn
To dig this grave and end here all alone!
Eternity awaits my presence yet,
Where I will linger on in my regret.

Nayad A. Monroe

* With apologies to those of you who have seen it already and are not getting something new on this day.
Steampunk Nayad #1

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Fifty-Four: 1,000 words. Twenty-two more days to go!

Total: 43,100 words.

Current story ("Liar, Cheat"): 2,000 words.

In other news: Can we all stop talking about boobs and the fondling or not thereof? I beg you?*

Fitness report:

10 minutes warm-up
60 minutes "weight loss" level 7 on elliptical
10 minutes cool-down

My legs are getting strong. Woe unto he who pisses me off while I'm wearing pointy shoes. ;)

* Except in the privacy of our own homes or other designated places-of-fondling, of course.