May 6th, 2008

Nayad Abides

Progress report for several days

70 Days of Sweat:

May 2: 1,000 words.
May 3: 0 words.
May 4: 1,400 words.
May 5: 600 words.
May 6: 1,000 words, and the rough draft of "Allergy Season" is done. And I might as well admit it--I'm a fairly organic writer. I believe in outlining, and I try to do it, but I get the best ideas while I'm writing, and I like revising the story later. So I do a combination of outlining and spontaneous creation, then clean it all up after letting it sit for a few weeks. At least that's what I do now.

Total: 55,600 words.

In other news: I have three busy weekends in a row coming up, and I have an obscenity-load of things to do.

Fitness report:
- Half-hour walk around the neighborhood pushing Felix in his stroller yesterday.
- An hour on the treadmill at the gym this morning, including 15 minutes of Actual! Jogging! (I've never been a runner), and about 20 minutes of walking on a steep incline. I felt most righteous by the end.
ariel happy

2008 Books #23: Make a Scene, by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

On the quest to strengthen my skillz, I'm studying the way that scenes work and how they can be used to keep the reader intrigued--which is my goal, as opposed to following the Way of the Dry and Boring--and this book covers those topics thoroughly. In addition to explanations of different types of scenes and the effects they create individually, the author discusses how to combine the different types so that they make the reading experience as interesting as possible for the reader, without sustaining tension for so long that the reader gets worn out. The final chapter also deals with scene assessment and revision, with lists of questions to ask so that you can diagnose your scenes' problems and fix them. In other words, this book made me happy.

I have another book about scenes that I'll read soon, in the hope of consolidating what I've learned and also learning through the juxtaposition of the two authors' methods of explaining scene structure.

When I get into a thing, I really get into it.
Steampunk Nayad #1

Nifty Jewelry Auction for Interfictions

A bunch of very cool artists have donated jewelry to be auctioned off in a fund-raiser for the next volume of Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing. There's some lovely stuff available, and if you buy it you'll be helping to support an excellent fiction market that I plan to submit to this fall; whether I get into it or not I know it'll be an awesome book, as long as they can afford to create it!

HERE'S THE AUCTION. Go. Look. Shop, if the spirit moves you. :)