June 7th, 2008

who? where? why?


I woke up from a dream in which Neil Gaiman was a Very Bad Man. EEEEvil. Wicked. Remorseless. Reasons why this is odd:

1. I haven't read anything of his lately.

2. I don't put much thought into the Neil Gaiman-ness of it all.

3. I've never seen him in person, much less met him.

4. Nor have I ever speculated upon his relationship with EEEEEEEvil.

5. Plus, it's very rare that real people show up in my dreams in any capacity.

6. Also, I was not particularly disturbed when I went to bed (I mean, compared to my normal levels of disturbance, and I will leave it to you to make your own judgments about what those levels might be and the extent to which I am or am not aware of them).

7. But I did spend a lot of time reading Shadow Unit* this week, so.

*And it is AWESOME. I always knew I would want to read it, but didn't have time to play along as it was posted, alas alas! But you know I'm going to be a total spaz-witted fangirl for Season Two.