Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

2007 Books #30: The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, by Carol Eikleberry

I've had such a streak of good books lately. Usually I don't love, love, love everything I read, but...

You know what? Just read this.

If you've ever done anything creative or unconventional in your life, ever, read it. If you're happy or unhappy in your job, if you're retired or you've never had a job, if you're home with the kids now, or the dogs, cats, or iguanas, read this book. I know so many people who would never dare to call themselves creative, but live lives that are from mildly to wildly different from the average in one way or another, and this book has something for all of them in it. It's about knowing what you want and loving your life, and finding ways to do everything you want to do, as well as balancing the proportions of your time and energy you'll devote to each.

I borrowed a copy from the library, and I'm going to return that and buy my own copy. I rarely feel understood; this book not only made me feel understood, but also helped me to understand more about myself. I've sorted out several ideas and interests that always confused me before, because I wasn't sure how I could ever make them work together, and this has happened in a very short time. I'm amazed!
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