Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Places I'm likely to be found at Context


3pm-ish until 6 - Wandering around the hotel, possibly perching in the lobby or getting a snack. Registration and whatnot.

6pm - Opening Ceremonies.

7pm - Costume Contest.

9pm - Luke Ski Concert.

10pm - Might be willing to get up to hijinks. Might go to either Weird World of Science or Rocky Horror Phenomenon. Might go to bed and sleep like a tired person.


Breakfast whenever I'm ready.

10:30am - Probably A Day in the Life of an Editor, but possibly Universal Monsters.


1 to 4pm - Maintaining Emotional Realism in Speculative Fiction

4pm (or is it 4:30?) to 6 - Plotting the Novel: A Seminar with Tim Powers

I'm thinking more food at this point.

7pm - Either Different Types of Writing, or Interview with Tim Powers

8:30pm - The Dark Ascent: Contemporary Horror

10pm - The choices! Depending on my mood, it will be the Interview With Michael Arnzen, the Dance, or the Apex Room Party.


Breakfast, after I wake up with a luxurious lack of hurry. Ahhhhh...

10:30am - I Really Did It, But How?


1 to 3pm - Writing Great Openings

I might pop in for the end of How Do You Research Things That Don't Exist? Or not.

4pm - Closing Ceremonies

And a relaxing evening of hanging out solo, preparing for departure on Monday morning.
Tags: context, planning

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