Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

From the Emotional Realism in Speculative Fiction workshop...

Here's the paragraph I wrote. The next step will be to make this the beginning of a short story; I want to bring in fantasy or possibly horror elements, because that's the way I roll.



My first appointment with the obstetrician was set for 1:15 sharp. David had insisted on shopping for books before the appointment; I completed my second circuit around the vast Barnes & Noble at 1:03, peering down each aisle for him. No David. I turned to look toward the bathrooms and saw him re-enter the bookstore through the front door, jingling my car keys. I strode toward him. “We have to go,” I reminded him tersely, as I pushed on the door to exit. On the walk to the car, David chattered about how he had gone over to Kohl’s while I was browsing, to exchange his new hat for a different one. "...and I just couldn't stop thinking about how the color wasn't right, so I got the first one you showed me, instead!" I gave him a tight-lipped nod. We buckled in and started the drive to the doctor’s office. David drove. The dashboard clock showed 1:11. My fingers fidgeted on my slightly rounded belly while he enthused about the greatness of his hat. We stopped for a red light. 1:12. I rummaged in my purse for my last peppermint, installed the mint in my mouth, and rubbed at my temples. We moved forward again, waited to make our left turn, and there was the building. He didn’t stop at the front entrance, but drove on and found a parking space across the lot. As I yanked at the car door handle, David looked at the clock, beaming, and said, "1:14! Perfect!"


For a whole story, I would actually break this into a few paragraphs, but otherwise, I'm happy with it. :)
Tags: context 20, fiction, writing, writing workshops

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