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Context 20 Highlights, Part 3 (Sunday)

(Was it really only two and a half weeks ago? Crazy talk.)

In case you missed my earlier posts, here are links to Part 1, Part 2, and Photos.

On Sunday morning, I slept for as long as I could (until--you guessed it--about 6am (thanks, overactive brain!)), and then had a self-indulgent morning in good ol' room 376, until I went up to the dealers' room around 10. You know, room service and lounging--the good stuff. :)

I did some serious shopping that morning, too. Subscribed to Apex Digest, which rocks. I spent some time talking to Jason, Jackie, Dan, and Raven, then bought several books. Powers showed up while I was staggering under the weight of my purchases, and we set up lunch plans. It turned into a larger group this time. I was glad that Greg was there, so that I could get a better sense of what he was like in person.

I had a writing workshop to attend at 1, with Jackie, and Powers was scheduled for a panel, followed by a rapid departure due to scheduling changes that had been made at the last minute before the convention. The food wasn't delivered until about 12:55, so I only had time to eat about five bites of potato soup for lunch, plus a fried mozzarella stick donated by Jackie to my poor, wretched cause. ;) But seriously, I think the cheese saved me that afternoon! Just before we all dispersed, I got Dan to take a picture of me with Powers, the one I posted before, and then we all ran off to where we needed to be.

Tim Waggoner's workshop, Writing Great Openings, was a mellow affair that Tim started by asking what the class wanted to talk about. He wanted to respond to any writing problems people were having before he started to lecture. I will admit, reluctantly, that by that point I was almost incapable of coherent thought, after very little sleep for two nights, not to mention that afternoon low-energy thing I get around that time of day, so I faded in and out of the discussions of other people's writing issues. Sorry, other people! My sovereign Self did prevail that hour. I managed to focus on the second part of the class, when Tim went through a list of great suggestions for different ways to approach the beginnings of stories; that's information I'll use repeatedly.

After the class, while waiting for the closing ceremonies, a bunch of us made plans to go out for sushi in the evening. The closing ceremonies were slightly more ceremonial than the opening ones, but really, they were more like a meeting where people expressed opinions about what had gone on over the weekend. Naturally, being a new person there, I jumped right in and expressed a bunch of my own opinions. I blame the sleep deprivation. I almost fell asleep on Waggoner in between my own sentences. ;)

After a decent amount of time, Lucy initiated departure for dinner, and I gladly went along with that. The group included Dan, Trista, Gary, Lucy, Jackie & Dan and their daughter, Fran, Brian, Tim W., and me. I will not attempt to explain the wildly varied topics and loopy humor that went on during the meal, or during the dead-dog party in my room, but I for one was reluctant for all of it to end, and I think I may have mentioned that once or twice during the evening (or, I dunno, seventeen times?).

I had to decline the invitation to breakfast for the next morning, since I wanted to have a chance at driving all the way home in one day, but at least I saw Gary and Lucy one more time in the morning, as I was leaving! I didn't manage to get to talk with either of them as much as I would have liked, so next time I'm going to make a point of it (be warned, you two!), because both of them are awesome!


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Oct. 17th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)
Sounds like an amazing time, and you successfully navigated the con experience. Congratulations!
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