Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Fantasy Food

I'm part of a group called the Arrogant Bastards' Dinner Club. We meet once a month to eat outstanding food that we've made for each other, with each set of participants providing a course for the meal (usually accompanied by a different alcoholic beverage for each course. O, decadence!). We gathered at my house this month, and in honor of my trip to World Fantasy I declared a theme of "Fantasy Food" (which was purposely open to interpretation, since my foodies are not all of the Spec Fic ilk).

Here's how the menu turned out:

Decadent Mushroom Soup: Despite emphatically *not* having been made with "magic" mushrooms, the fantasy tie-in for the soup was that one of our participants was always served mushroom soup on Christmas Eve when he was growing up, and he was told that the soup would give him magical dreams that would help to pass the time until Christmas morning. The version we ate this weekend will be appearing in *my* dreams from now on, because it was amazingly delicious oniony mushroomy goodness that incorporated truffle oil and melted brie!

Spaghetti Monsters, served on spicy marinara sauce, with pesto garnish: This was my team's course, in honor of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We assembled a monster for each plate, using angel hair nests, vegetarian meatballs, and small olives for eyes atop uncooked spaghetti eyestalks. Then we added additional strands of angel hair pasta for noodly appendages. When we served the course, I intoned this prayer over it:

O Flying Spaghetti Monster,
Guide us in Pastafarian wisdom,
And teach us to fly in starchy grace,
The ferocity of the Pirates with us
When we spread the news of your holy flavor.
As we partake of your noodly body,
Wrap us in the tentacles of your love,
And pour upon us the tanginess of your ineffable sauce.

Next came the FantaSEA course, seaweed salad and baked oysters, served by an enchanting lady dressed as a mermaid!

Finally, the meat-eaters of the group indulged their fantasies of watching the vegetarians eat meat, by serving a brilliant cake in the form of a steak! See an awesome picture of the cut cake. It was a delicious version of red velvet cake, with chocolate frosting, fondant around the edge to look like fat, and clever dark crisscrossed stripes pressed into the top to look like grill marks, with raspberry syrup for blood all around it.

*happy sigh*
Tags: abdc, arrogant bastards, fantasy food

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