Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

I've had a few drinks, yo!

(Starting the birthday celebrations early, as is my policy.)

I'm between short stories, thinking about what to work on next, and realizing that this writing of fiction thing is like weight-lifting: the more you do, the more you *can* do, but there's always more weight to lift, and always a weight you *can't* lift, yet.

But you keep trying until you can lift it, if you're me.

Thinking back on the year I've had, I'm going to say that this was the BEST YEAR EVAR. I've started going to the cons, for example, and I've met and befriended so many of the very coolest people, and I'm just beside myself with happiness about all of it. :)

(I adore the "I love you, man" stage of drinking, but you know what? I'll still love you tomorrow, too. :)

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