Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

My 2007, in the style of Bridget Jones

Pounds lost: 5
Pounds regained: 5
Cigarettes smoked: 0
Units of alcohol drunk: Probably more than is strictly wise
New tattoos: 0
New piercings: never gonna happen
SFF conventions attended: 3
Personal idols met: 1
Other awesome people met: countless
Other trips taken: 2
Average time spent writing per day: one hour or less (I claim the mommy-of-toddler excuse)
Short stories completed to my satisfaction: 2
Short stories started: 4
Short stories smushed together and turned into the beginnings of a novel: 2
Willingness to commit to writing that novel in 2008: 85%
Trepidations about jumping into that project before Felix starts preschool: countless
Books read: 40+
Books re-read: 1
Books purchased: at least 50 in the last three months!
Magazines not read: I don't want to think about it
Local groups joined: 2 (craft group and writing group)
Writing seminars attended: 3

I think that covers most of it!
Tags: 2007, 35

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