Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Wherein I indulge in my morning caffeine spaz

Bonjour, mes petits chous!!!

Today's my last day of vacation mode before I return to the routine of getting up early to take Zane to school, so I'm sitting in front of the computer in my pajamas, practically hooked up to a coffee bong--very large mug, first refill--listening to dance music on the sixtyone, and considering the merits of scrubbing the ceiling while dictating my manifesto into a miniature recorder taped to my face. It could work, I tell you!

I enjoy these little manias.

Do I have anything of substance to hurl into the blogosphere? Well. I didn't get much done last week, while my parents were visiting, but it was a good holiday. I've started to develop a science fiction story, and I should be able to start the writing of it this week, after I get the plot in order. I'm also about to start submitting the latest version of "Forgotten Ivy" wherever I think there might be interest in it. Gonna have to submit paperwork to get a new passport soon if I want to go to World Fantasy this year, and there's a set of drawings awaiting attention, as well. I suspect that there won't be much perceived time between now and my "OMG is it February already?" post.

La! I like to be busy. :)
Tags: coffee spaz

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