Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

The extremely scientific results are in.

In an accurate, well-crafted poll, I have learned that:

1. People on my flist prefer "boyfriend" over "roller derby."

2. They are overwhelmingly in favor of either more cowbell, or LOTS more cowbell. There may be overlap in our definitions of those two amounts.

3. Although, sadly, I do not inspire much in the way of allegiance (at least I can count on the loyalty of australian_joe!), my poll itself was considered by half of the respondents to be the work of mad genius, which I think reflects well on me.

4. As a group, my flist members are strong supporters of pirates and the flying spaghetti monster, with only one renegade ninja-ist among us. I feel that allegiance to Groundhog Day is not in any way opposed to pirates or the flying spaghetti monster, so the significant number of GD supporters blend well with the majority position, as do the minority of Lucille Ball adherents. I am not morally opposed to my nihilistic peeps, although I will say that that's like... just... y'know... their OPINION, man.

Carry on with your responsibilities.
Tags: silliness

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