Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Four: 1,100 words

Total: 4,200 words

Current story: 7,400 words.

In other news: Felix's eye is much better now, in the sense that it can open like a normal eye, with a crease in the eyelid and everything. On the other hand, he didn't nap until 4 pm-ish. I kindly chose not to work the baby bootcamp magic this morning, figuring that he ought to have the opportunity to use his energy to reacquire binocular vision.

I'm mushy that way.

I'm *tired,* too. My plan is to shift my sleep schedule later in the remaining 15 days before my trip to Norwescon, because no good will come out of showing up there and being ready to crash for the night at 7 pm, local. This is one of the hazards of being a morning person.
Tags: 70 days of sweat

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