Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Twenty-Nine: 1,000 words.

Total: 22,200 words.

Current short story (working title "H.D.N.V"): 2,200 words.

In other news: I went and saw Juno this evening. Damn good movie. The dialogue was unrealistically snappy, but awesomely so, and there's nothing wrong with that. The story could have led to one cliche after another, but whenever it approached one it would veer away to a much better place. It was my first experience with the Sundance theater, too. I liked it, but I can't say that I'm impressed with the policy of the "amenities" charge, which is their way of making moviegoers pay for the privilege of not being shown commercials at the movie they've paid to see. You pay more to not be shown commercials at popular showtimes, too. To that, I say "Hmph."
Tags: 70 days of sweat

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