Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Progress report for two days

70 Days of Sweat, Days Forty-Four and Forty-Five: 2,000 words.

Total: 38,400 words.

Current short story ("Cutter of Uruz"): 6,100 words.

In other news: I've been taking Zane to karate classes for the last few weeks. He was enthusiastic at first, but now, as we enter the last week of his trial class, he seems to have realized that signing up for another six months of two lessons a week (which is the way they do it at this place, no other options offered) will involve more work than he is prepared to commit to. In the meantime, I've developed more enthusiasm for karate than I ever expected I would, so sometime in the future I may sign up for it myself. Not now, though. I'm paying for a gym membership at a good gym for another year and a half, and if I'm going somewhere for exercise, it's going to be there.

I think that Zane may end up getting into karate again when he's a bit older. We may take him back into more gymnastics classes next.

Fitness report from yesterday:

- 10 min. warm-up
- 20 min. "strength" level 3 on elliptical
- 20 min. "strength" level 2
- 20 min. "weight loss" level 4
- 10 min. cool-down
Tags: 70 days of sweat, fitness, zane

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