Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

2008 Books #19: The Surgeon's Tale and Other Stories, by Cat Rambo & Jeff Vandermeer

This little collection is made of Win marinated in the finest Awesome and served with a side of Yog Sothoth.

(That's a riff on one of the stories. :)

The world of "The Surgeon's Tale," a collaboration between Rambo and Vandermeer, is fascinating. Magic that once worked has gradually lost its potency, and that fact causes things to go weirdly wrong for the protagonist (although his questionable choices help. A lot). That story and Rambo's "A Key Decides its Destiny" are my favorites of the collection, but all of the stories are good, and "The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe" gets points for being funny.

My only complaint is that I wished there were more stories in the book, but I have more from each of them sitting on my bookshelf, so I'm all set.
Tags: 2008 books

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