Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

"Will blog for attention"

Hey flist! How's it going?

I've been having fun for the last few days. I temporarily suspended writing rough draft words in favor of revising my close-to-finished story, "The Restive Window," and I plan to start back with 1,000 new words a day on Monday. The revision's going well. The writing group I recently joined (and allow me to say how much they rock) read the latest version, and we discussed it yesterday; they liked what I had and gave me excellent, workable ideas for making it better, so I have plans for what will probably become the final version. I want to make sure it's done, and send it out.

I also worked out yesterday, at the highest "strength" settings I've used so far. That tired out my legs by the end, but today they're not sore; they just feel awesome. Like you could bounce a quarter off of my ass (and by "you" I mean "someone," which is to say that I do not wish for all y'all to start flinging quarters at my ass. Clear?). I'm going to try bumping up another level next time and see what happens.

Because I'm feeling chatty and disclosurish, I'll mention that there are a bunch of tabs sitting on my screen, and here's what they are:

- Holly Lisle's How to Format a Manuscript: I went to this page out of curiosity about how formatting a novel manuscript is different from a short story.

- Holly Lisle's How to Query an Agent: This is totally unnecessary for me to read right now, but someday I plan to need to query agents, so I followed more curiosity to this page to find out how that works.

- Random Acts of Insightfulness: There are interviews with James Blaylock and Tim Powers here, awaiting my listening attention. They've been waiting for a while. When I'm at the computer, I'm doing things that are not amenable to getting anything out of hearing people speak; I'm much better at absorbing words visually than audibly, and when I'm interested in anything else I'm doing, my brain will just block words out. Which annoys emorog from time to time, but I don't plan to give up my powers of concentration anytime soon.

- Subterranean Online, open to "Stone Eggs," by Adriana Campoy and James P. Blaylock.

- Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, because I need to register.

- Pandora Radio, playing my Gabriel & Dresden station again. I now have a lot of stations, including ones based on Blonde Redhead, "Charlotte Sometimes," Teddybears, Metric, MGMT, IAMX, Psyche, Joy Electric, Backlash, Massive Attack, and more. You can save your diagnosis of obsessiveness, because I KNOW.

That's it for the tabs! Enjoy your day. :)
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