Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Progress report

70 Days of Sweat, Day Fifty-Two: 1,200 words.

Total: 41,100 words.

Current novelette novel fragment ("Cutter of Uruz"): 8,800 words. The idea behind this story has grown huge, and the worldbuilding is going to be tremendous fun, but I'm going to put this one aside until I've finished more short stories. I'll develop my ideas for it along the way, though.

In other news: Zane's going to stick with karate after all. He was rewarded for his hard work with a stripe on his belt last week, and that made it all worthwhile for him. I'm glad that he's a goal-oriented guy. :)

Fitness report:

10 minutes warm-up
15 minutes "strength" level five on the elliptical machine
15 minutes "strength" level four
15 minutes "strength" level three
20 minutes "weight loss" level four
5 minutes cool-down

Now my legs hurt. Damn. Something about pain and gain. And ibuprofen. *wanders off*
Tags: 70 days of sweat, fitness

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