Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Progress report for several days

70 Days of Sweat:

May 2: 1,000 words.
May 3: 0 words.
May 4: 1,400 words.
May 5: 600 words.
May 6: 1,000 words, and the rough draft of "Allergy Season" is done. And I might as well admit it--I'm a fairly organic writer. I believe in outlining, and I try to do it, but I get the best ideas while I'm writing, and I like revising the story later. So I do a combination of outlining and spontaneous creation, then clean it all up after letting it sit for a few weeks. At least that's what I do now.

Total: 55,600 words.

In other news: I have three busy weekends in a row coming up, and I have an obscenity-load of things to do.

Fitness report:
- Half-hour walk around the neighborhood pushing Felix in his stroller yesterday.
- An hour on the treadmill at the gym this morning, including 15 minutes of Actual! Jogging! (I've never been a runner), and about 20 minutes of walking on a steep incline. I felt most righteous by the end.
Tags: 70 days of sweat, fitness

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