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I don't like to describe my dreams in detail, so I'm not gonna. Repeating dreams and dream categories fascinate me, though. Here are the ones I get:

- Malfunctions: can't dial the phone, elevators don't work properly, can't get to a destination even though I know where it is.

- Being lost myself, or someone being lost: can't find the classroom, the elevator, or the baby.

- Having trouble moving: my body just won't GO.

- Can't graduate from high school: I've forgotten to attend a class all semester--either math or gym class.

- Lots of water: I'm swimming in a Really Huge Pool, sometimes knowing that I'm the only creature in the water, sometimes knowing that there are whales swimming way below me (and being comfortable with that, unlike the complete freak-out this would cause in waking life). Or I'm riding on either a boat or the back of a whale through the former streets of a flooded city, exploring. Both of these are good dreams that should show up more often.

This morning I woke up from an alarming dream that combined several of those categories, wherein I was at a convention hotel (first time on that, probably won't be the last), and I couldn't get to my hotel room; half the time I either couldn't find an elevator or the one I found took me to the wrong place; I lost Felix repeatedly; couldn't find other people I was looking for; and, most alarmingly, through the whole thing I not only had trouble moving but also my joints ached and when I had Felix he became overwhelmingly heavy at times, especially when I was trying to climb stairs. And that's the extremely brief, condensed version. That #%&! dream felt like it went on for hours.

Which makes me wonder if I'm either getting sick, or doing my joints a disservice with the types of exercise I've been doing lately. Or both. DO NOT WANT.

The elevator thing is weird. I wouldn't say that elevators provoke much anxiety in me normally, but I think I've had dreams about elevator malfunctions more than anything else. Including riding almost to the top of an extremely tall building and then feeling the elevator start to spin around or sway from side to side. It is not the essence of joy, this type of dream.

What repeating categories do you remember from your dreams?
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