Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

*Hugs a WisCon*

All right, all you people going to WisCon and being where I will not be... Have fun! If it weren't for my Tim Powers and Kage Baker obsessions (they'll be on the same! panel!), I'd be among you. Can't really complain about my alternate plans, though! *g* And I'll be seeing you next year.

BayCon looks like it will be a happyhappy trip, with the possible inclusion of a meal at Millenium for vegetarian delights. I don't know if I'll really manage to escape the convention hotel or not. I think I'll end up having a great time either way, despite the weird feeling I get from going All That Way and never once stepping outside after arriving at the hotel!

Anyway, back to my rum 'n' Coke...
Tags: ambivalence, baycon, convention bragging, convention envy, kage baker, tim powers, wiscon

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