Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Estimated departure in 25 hours and 51 minutes

Tomorrow I leave for the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention. Who's with me? Let's meet up!

I've packed, mostly, but I have some things to finish up this morning before going to see The Happening this afternoon, so I'm going to be running around all crazy for the next several hours. Felix is a paragon of adorableness, but he compulsively scatters all organization and rumples all stacks of folded things, so getting the house ready for my absence after he's home from daycare this evening is Right Out.

This all means that after I post this thing, you won't see much of me around here--and I will be in withdrawal of you--until sometime on Monday, and even then I'll only be able to pop on briefly before leaving on Tuesday for a road trip to Pennsylvania. Wailing and gnashing of teeth may commence now.

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