Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Woman, get thee to an updatery!

What have I been doing, you (don't) ask? Here, have some update!

June 20-22: Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, Minneapolis

I loved the size of this convention. A single track of great panels that started at a reasonable time in the morning (although some of the panelists disagreed with my definition of "reasonable"). Plenty of break time for lunch and dinner. Friendliness. Good humor. The spontaneous creation of new terms. And nifty people were there!

I had a delightful time dining with:
  • Caroline Stevermer

  • The mysterious Avocado of Death, who shall not be named

  • Zak Jarvis

  • Sharon Mock

  • I chatted with the following previously-met mild acquaintances:
  • Elizabeth Bear

  • Ellen Klages (who totally lit up when I mentioned our mutual friends, Mark and Elizabeth Bourne!)

  • Karen Babich

  • I briefly met:
  • Emma Bull

  • Sarah Monette

  • Despite their awesomeness on panels, I inexplicably became too shy to introduce myself to:
  • Steven Brust

  • Pamela Dean

  • Will Shetterly

  • Between then and June 30th, my trip to Pennsylvania...

    ...where in one stop at an antique mall, I developed a new fixation on wristwatches! I acquired a couple there, and several at a Goodwill store, and proceeded to remove the clocky bits for the purpose of making jewelry with the gears and cases. There is now a choker-in-progress on my shelf that fills me with Asian-flavored steampunk delight. You may die when you see it. Use caution.

    Since getting back

    Total Creative Mania (in the non-clinical sense of "mania"). Damn good fun. You'll see the results here and in my art journal soon. :)

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