Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Innes is Five.

My second child is five years old! Insert commonly-expressed disbelief about passage of time here!

We had an early awakening in the form of a demand for presents this morning. We sat at the dining room table for the opening of the gifts. I give little presents to the brothers who aren't birthday boys so that everyone gets something new at once; at some point I may post pictures of all three boys ripping shiny paper off of their haul from the craft store. Zane and Innes were so enthusiastic about everything! they! saw! at the craft store on our last trip there that I just went back and bought about 10% of what they asked for, and that was plenty.

We jumped right into arts and crafts as soon as everything was open. There are fingerpainted pictures drying on the table, and we've turned glue, water, paint and borax into pink gooey gunk to play with. Innes wanted it to be RED, his favorite color, but was okay with the red paint turning the white goo pink.

Now the kids are away at their daytime summer activities, so I can lounge and try to make my sinus infection go away.
Tags: innes

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