Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe


Despite procrastination yesterday, I wrote my 1,000 words in time to draw for a couple of hours before I had to go out, so that was a success. After I post this, I'll do it again.

I think I'm making some progress with my balance of art and fiction. I routinely go through rounds of thinking that I should just do one of them so that I can get more practice in a single area, and progress in a more linear fashion toward my goals. When I've been writing steadily, I think I should concentrate on that. When I've been drawing for a while, I feel like I should forget about writing. Then I get a moment of clarity about being my complete self and finding a way to do both effectively. The strongest argument for that is that creating art recharges me for writing, and writing fiction recharges me for art; also, whenever I switch from one to the other, I feel like I've magically improved at the thing that was dormant.

I would like to stop fighting with myself over this. Years of experience tell me that I function best when I do both. It doesn't matter if our society embraces specialists and doesn't support multifunctional beings; this is the way I have to be.
Tags: art, multifunction, writing

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