Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

OMG Hair Products!!!

I am not one to gush about beauty products, so listen up! Especially if you dye your hair.

This week I started using new stuff that I swear to you is the best thing evar. The following paragraphs will very likely come out sounding like a ridiculous advertisement, but I promise that I'm not selling it or getting kickbacks. I'm talking about a replacement for shampoo called cleansing conditioner. The idea behind it is that the ingredients that make shampoo lather up are damaging to the hair, so this product doesn't lather.

I was skeptical about trying this so-called cleansing conditioner because I have the dreaded combination of oily scalp and dried-out ends, but it is AMAZING how much better my hair looks and behaves. I feel that you all deserve to share in the glory of this stuff. The only flaw is that it's kind of expensive, but if you're already using both shampoo and conditioner, then you'll be cutting back to only one product. I'm also using way less of any other product that I would ordinarily use for styling; seriously, it's miraculous how much my hair has changed from only a few days of not using shampoo, and my head feels just as clean as it should.

WEN by Chaz Dean. Go and get it! I use the cucumber aloe, and I never want to use regular shampoo again.
Tags: public service announcements

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