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Best of the best

I've been thinking about what interests me the most, both in writing and in art. You'd think this would be easy. It is not. I like a lot of things, it turns out, and sometimes I'm in the mood for one thing, and sometimes another. However, life is short, and I think that it's important to identify the core of what matters to me so that I can make wise choices about how to spend my time.

I've been wondering what I would do if I could only choose ten books to read for the rest of my life. Out of my list of favorite books, if I had to decide today, which would I re-read over and over for decades?

1. More Than Human - Theodore Sturgeon
2. Ubik - Philip K. Dick
3. Last Call - Tim Powers
4. Expiration Date - Tim Powers
5. Earthquake Weather - Tim Powers
6. Mother Aegypt - Kage Baker
7. Thirteen Phantasms - James Blaylock
8. In for a Penny - James Blaylock
9. Collected Poems - Edna St. Vincent Millay
10. Doomsday Book - Connie Willis

There you have it - six novels, three short story collections, and one volume of poetry to last me a lifetime. I didn't put The Anubis Gates on the list because I could almost recite it by now, so I would want to read other books by Tim Powers instead. I thought about including something classic, like Hemingway, but then I remembered that this is the whole rest of my life I'm talking about, and I would rather read some thoroughly awesome science fiction. But the poetry remains. Vincent was a rock star.

I wonder if my list will be the same five years from now, or ten. I know it would have been different ten years ago.

Which ten books would you choose?
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